Totally Reversible Polyester Totes
using up scraps

Return of the minnieminks...

I have not refashioned anything for ages! Tut tut. I am still however upholding my pledge proudly.
Since I last posted the world of knitting has gripped me, it gives me a break from sewing and since it is so cold in Welly I need some warm hats! So I knitted myself one. The pattern I used is here
But it is not the hat I want to post about as I did buy the yarn to make it new and the button, only the needles were from the OpShop. After I knitted it I thought mmmmm my needles may get lost really easily or chewed by one of my pups so I will make a case! For this I used scrap material from the costume room and other material in my stash and followed this pattern from Lupinbuuny.


I used the satin for the lining of each pocket and the floral for the outside. I think it turned out really well, the pattern is great and instructions are very clear.



Until next time... hopefully not that far away!