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Little Leopard Dress

P5290169About a year ago my BFF sent me a bunch of crafting stuff and in the box was this little girl's dress pattern (Simplicity 6302 sz. 8). I never did get around to making it (and still haven't made the jacket), but I finally did this weekend as my Wardrobe Re-Fashion post. I had bought the black linen sleeveless blouse at the St. Vincent DePaul the other day for 75 cents (see below). It was a size small and wouldn't fit me, but I loved the fabric and the huge neckline ruffle so I bought it. I knew it would become something else later. The blouse alone would not be enough to make and outfit I knew, not with the darting and side zipper, so I went in search of something from my pile that might go with it. When I lived near a Walmart with a fabric department, I would buy a yard of this or that if I found something cool on the $1-a-yard rack. Needless to say I have a decent pile going. LOL. I found the leopard or "Jaguar" it says on the edge. I wanted a trim, so often people put red or pink with the animal prints so I didn't want to do that. I had green and yellow too, but those wouldn't go well so I opted for the bright turquoise. The vintage ribbon is velvet, I got 20+ yards of it for 20 cents at a yard sale. LOL. More photos and info on my blog .

 S6302 P5200002

Dress Refashion

At last I refashion a garment instead of a home decor item.  I had a slinky knit dress that was too big, with a high neckline, below knee hem and was just unflattering in general.

V neck

I dropped the high jewel neck into a v neck, and hemmed the bottom to just above the knee.  And I took in several inches from the sides.

Hem slinky knit-1

Another shirt dress

I finally finished my version of the girls' shirt dress from Dana's tutorial.  As I posted on my blog, it was a learning experience.  I'll choose a sturdier shirt next time, and I'll actually start with a real person in mind that I'm making it for!  Measurements for a real person would make all the difference.  But over all it was a fun project that I would try again.  It helped me to know that many people were working on the same project through Presser Foot, so I really pushed myself to complete the dress by the end of May.IMG_1432IMG_1452IMG_1453

Recycling Skirt into Little Girl's Dress


There's not much activity from my end this week, but I have one small project to report.
This is a skirt I snagged from my friend's donation pile, and transformed into a cute little dress for my daughter.
The skirt - cute, but too big for me, and not my style:

The dress, from Simplicity 4613 :

Thanks for reading!


Baby Shower Gift

I know I just posted a novel of a post trying to catch up, but I left out one thing. I'm really proud of this one, so I thought I'd let it take the stage on it's own.

Ben and I have some friends who are expecting their first baby - a boy - at the beginning of July. The baby shower was this past Sunday and I made our gift. Nate and Bridget are both sailors... They each own their own Jet 14 and sailing is a HUGE thing for them. I couldn't resist rolling with the whole sailing thing for their gift. The best part was that except for the onesie and a pack of 2 binkies, I didn't spend a dime on this gift! (Yes, I just happened to have a whole bunch of kid's sailor print...)


The bundle included a custom onsie, a roll-up diaper changing pad, a roll-up peanut-shaped burp blankie, 3 bibs, and a matching "Daddy Bag" for quick trips.

Here's the detail of the diaper roll-up:
(The back is terry cloth and I made sure not to put the lower snap through both layers...
Don't want to irritate the baby's behind!)

Here's the detail of the burp roll-up:
(The back of this one is flannel.)

All of the bibs are different... I used a pattern from Nested
(The back of these are also flannel.)

I don't have a close-up of the bag, but the idea was that it would be a bag for quick trips (it's fairly small) and/or be a bag that Nate wouldn't hate to carry. The strap is extra long so it slings across the chest like a messenger bag - I added a ribbon with a small clip inside for a binkie, a snap closure to the top, and a small pocket on the front. Based on Nate's reaction, I don't think he'll hate carrying it.

I even designed the onesie. We have a local business here in Columbus called Skreened that does one-off apparel printing. It's really awesome because you don't have to get a whole bunch of an item like you usually do with regular screen printing. The "Future Jet 14 Sailor" totally made the bundle and was well worth it! (You can check out my shop at Skreened HERE - Have a request, don't hesitate to ask!)

Happy Sewing!

*tsk* ANOTHER missing re-fashionista...

Hello everyone... Ok, so I deserve a slap on the wrist, I am extremely behind in my blogging. Although I haven't been posting like I should, I have been sewing like mad! Let's rewind back to Mother's Day...

My mom had been asking me to make her an apron for awhile, so I thought a hand-made apron would make a great gift for Mother's Day. So great in fact, that I made one for Ben's mom as well...

Here's the one for my mom:

And the one for Judi:
(I used McCalls Easy Stitch n'Save pattern #M5505)

Next up is my first *official* re-fashion. Most things I've created since I took the pledge have been made from scratch and not re-fashioned from other garments. A handful of months ago Ben cleaned out his closet at his dad's house and found this polyester Ohio State jersey that he (thinks) he got at a garage sale as a kid. Not wanting it for himself, I saw huge potential in it for me. Let the deconstruction begin! First I took off the sleeves (they were very stiff from the "plasticky" screen printing) and ripped out the side seams, leaving the shirt like a sandwich board. When I put it back together, I took in the sides to have a bit of a shape so it would actually fit me. Then I made some 3/4 length sleeves out of gray jersey (my original plan was to use an old long sleeve tee that doesn't fit anymore, but it just wasn't enough fabric) and added a band at the bottom to gather it together. The photo really doesn't do the shirt any justice, I'll try to get a photo of me in it...

DSCN2564   DSCN3340

I had one of those moments at JoAnn the other day where I fell in love with a fabric, but had no idea what to do with it. After a little thought I decided on New Look pattern #6758 and ended up with this:

I've already worn it too -- Success!

DSCN3345I felt inspired by all of the postings of the Spring Ruffle Top from over at the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog and decided to take a stab at it myself. It's not quite finished yet -- I need to take in the sides quite a bit. The shirt really makes me look preggers, and well, I don't want to be giving anyone the wrong idea now do I...

I do like it though, and it was quite a bargain! The pink fabric was from 2 fat quarters ($1 each) and the white is just simple $1.50/yard muslin. It's light weight and breezy, wonderful for summer.

Along a similar note, I used New Look pattern #6900 and some more light weight cottons to make another summer top. I wanted to try the pattern out for sizing and fit before diving into making the dress from the pattern. I didn't follow the pattern exactly and it still needs hemmed, but I really like it.

A local sewing store is closing and has had a really great close-out sale for the past week or so and for a grand total of about $22, I got all the things I need to make the dress from #6900. The pattern calls for 2 1/4 yards of the main fabric, so I figured $17 for that much Amy Butler print was nice. I think it's going to be super cute -- I love the retro, pin-up look of the dress

DSCN3348  DSCN3363

I made another pair of padded sailing shorts too. This time from a pair of Helly Hansen women's board shorts (so they actually fit me like I would like.) The first pair was a huge success and I'm looking forward to giving these a try at the regatta in a few weeks.


I had a couple of good thrift finds over the past a couple weeks... DSCN3196

We went to the Greater Columbus Antique Mall and I found 5 vintage patterns (all for $1 each!) and a Trimmings magazine, circa 1946 for $5. The magazine is really neat... it's full of how-to's for finishing and adding details to garments. You can see more over at my blog. I just love the vintage illustrations and trends from the 1940's -- Big Win!

I landed two floral/striped pillow cases and a yellow jersey twin set from the Goodwill (I found the blue pillow case in my basement.) I've seen so many cute tutorials for pillow case tops lately, so I'm leaning toward something like that for the floral ones. As for the yellow twin set, I can't lie, it's really pretty aweful, but I saw a lot of potential. I might just re-shape the pull-over (I like the button placket and pockets) and fix up the collar a little, since it came as a twin set, I figure I can find something to use the fabric from the top for.

 DSCN3360 DSCN3358 

Ok, so that's probably the longest post I could have possibly written, so I'll try to keep up on the posting a little more frequently.   :)

Happy Sewing!

Re-fashioned with the help of a five year old.

Sorry I've not posted much I've been doing bits and pieces but none of them are finished apart from this one.
Started life as a small women's shirt from a charity shop because I liked the line drawing pattern of Chinese lions and flowers. My five year old son liked it to so I took it in at the sides, I was going to shorten it but he insisted it stay the original length.

Once I had washed it to make sure he has as good a surface as possible he started to colour in the lions.. so far he has done one and a flower but he say he will do more at some point! So we have a colour your own shirt!

Sorry about the action shot apparently we needed the pictures of him dancing !


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