From Pants to Dress & Shirt
Presto Change-O(s)

More Aprons, Thrifting, and a Failure

The past week has been a busy one for me.  We moved the boys into the same room (I am so happy they are loving it!), and I am using the newly emptied room for my new sewing room!  It's been my dream to move the sewing room up from the basement.  So, the basics are there -- my machines, sewing table, cutting table and ironing board -- and the rest of the space is blissfully empty and clean!  ....Not for long, right?

Anyway, I have had time for just a few quick projects.  First off, I loved the boys' dish towel aprons so much that I decided to make one for myself.  The dish towels are plenty big enough, and I happened to have some red strappy business for the straps.  Literally a five minute project!!

I have a couple friends on my street who want to learn how to sew girls' aprons.  I will take any opportunity oto sew, and to bring others into my obsession, so we are getting together this week to do it!  I'd never made a fancy frilly girls' apron before, but busted out some stash fabric and gave it a go:

Apron 012 
I sort of made them up as I went along.  I made the purple half-apron first (so easy!), then tackled the other one.  I must say the blue one is my favorite.  Then I got to thinking that maybe I could make an apron from just two fat quarters.  Here is what I came up with:
Apron 068 
It worked, but there are a few things I might tweak a bit.  I don't love these fabrics in this particular apron.  Anyway, I am working on a tutorial on my blog if anyone is interested.  I should have it up later this week.

As for the thrifting -- I think I mentioned before that shopping for clothes is on my top ten list of things I HATE doing.  (Part of the reason I am here on WR!)  So, with a little trepidation, I went into a thrift store last week specifically to look for clothes.  I was down to one pair of rather shredded jeans, and only a couple shirts that fit my hopefully-still-shrinking-after-pregnancy body.  I found five shirts and two pairs of jeans for $22!  And, of everything I tried on, I only had to reject one shirt and one pair of pants!  I was in and out in about 25 minutes!!  A serious triumph.

As for my Failure:  I made a skirt last weekend out of stash fabric.  It is horrible.  I swear I followed the directions, other than making it shorter.  It looks awful.  I am so, sooo glad I decided to make a muslin first, with the intent that it would be "wearable."  Wearable it is not, unless I want to look like an idiot.  But, I have plans to redeem myself, and will post a refashion next week -- maybe even with a "before" picture, if I am brave enough!!

One more thing.  For my boys, at my husband's request, I turned two of their long-sleeve Sunday shirts into short-sleeve Sunday shirts.  Quick and easy, and they look so cute!

I guess this week wasn't a total bust!  Sorry for the novel-length post and the rambling.......