T-shirt for Khaki makeover skirt
Two Sheets to the wind

Kimono Robe

Here's a quick sheet-into-kimono(ish) refashion I made out of a worn-out teeshirt sheet that came with my first-ever college dorm bedset, aww.  I needed a summer-weight robe, because sometimes you've gotta put something real on to sit on the porch so the neighbors don't call the cops.
Kimono 002
I didn't really use a pattern, per se, so much as figured approximately what a robe is supposed to look like.  It's more of a robe-by-way-of-kimono, as kimonos have all sorts of formal parts that I didn't have the fabric or patience for.  Here's a quick Illustrator sketch of the layout of this thing:
Fabric Diagram
Included, for maximum nerdiness, are the Japanese approximations of all the bits. 
It's an "extra-long" dorm sheet, and I'm 5'9", so my overall robe length is 60", and it reaches all the way to my feet.  If you're smaller, do a little subtraction so you don't stomp all over your hem.
The yoke, made from the trimmed corners of the front panels, is sewn into the top of the back panel, to make it a bit sturdier.
The sheet is 7 years old, so there were a few holes, and I made the predictable freshman mistake of totally screwing up my first batch of laundry, so it had a couple bleachy spots, go me.  I made flower-shaped (vaguely Asian, y'know) patches out of the leftovers and spent a nice afternoon in the park basting them on.
Kimono 004
It makes a wonderful robe, and also makes me feel like I should be some grand dame flitting about the house with a martini.  It's also a good go-to gift pattern, as it can be made from a leftover or thrifted sheet, and only takes about 4 hours, especially if you keep the existing hems from the sheet.