News Flash!
Here I am

I've been taking baby steps

Now that I've hopefully sorted out my difficulty with TypePad, I should be able to post more regularly... I've started using my serger and I am delighted with it. Since I've signed up for the 4-month challenge this will come in very handy, there is yardage in my bins o' fabric that will be much easier to deal with now. I'm considering making some fun Fair clothing; I know that buried in my stash is some blue rayon velvet, and various bits and bobs of printed rayon that would be really happy to go to the Oregon Country Fair. For now, I've taken an assortment of indigo scraps and made a stripey patchwork travel vest for my Mom.

The Akita t-shirt that I made four years ago (for a different online challenge) was something I rarely wore, despite the fun graphic, Not sure what I had been thinking, I just don't like regular t-shirts; their neckline is too high and the sleeves are too short to look at all attractive IMHO. So, I hacked up another black and blue flower knit top, extended the sleeves to ¾ length, and recut the neckline and bordered it with more of the flowered knit.


Much more wearable now. My current refashion project is to turn my former denim overalls into an overall jumper. I'm thinking workwear/playclothes, with added gores and extra pockets from an old vest from my Mom, and the patchwork flounce from another worn-out denim jumper. It will be pretty funky, but if I can get another season or two of wear out of these well loved garments that will be good.