Intro and first refashion

Hello from PA!

Hi everyone! I'm Jenni, a relatively new re-fashionista from Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Philadelphia. I learned to sew through 4-H when I was younger and did so for abotu 10 years. I now knit, sew, and am in the process of learning to crochet. I've recently discovered some great thrift shops in my area that have some awesome sections of sheets, tablecloths, etc. perfect for re-fashioning!

Here is my very first refashion, a simple sweater cut up the middle and turned into a cardigan with a chick applique on the side. Before:

Crafty stuff 009 

After: Please excuse the scary snake calendar in my husband's office. He's a biologist and studies snakes which is whay we have it up. That month's feature matches my sweater though!

Crafty stuff 011 

And this is my second project I just recently finished, a Project Runway pattern made out of a vintage tablecloth I got at the Goodwill for $2. I have enough fabric left to make a purse too. I really like the puff sleeves, and the length hits me at my hips, which I really like. Can you imagine that on a table? Yikes!

Crafty stuff 045