No Pictures, but a Quick and Easy Refashion
What do you think?

blue polka dots top

I got this hand-me-down from a housemate cleaning her closet:


It was super unflattering (billowing in the stomach combined with a high neck is a pretty bad look for me), but I liked the puffy sleeves and the print.  I didn't want to fiddle with taking the sleeves out and reattaching them so instead of taking the shirt in from the sides (what I would normally do) I took the extra fabric out of the front and back by putting a seam about two inches out from the button-holes and two inches out from the center line down the back.  Then I just cut a new neckline which I haven't finished but seems pretty content and somewhat wearable in its raw state.  This is my "new" shirt:


There is a weird bump at the bottom of the stomach but I will either wear this tucked in to skirts (it's adorable with a higher-waisted fitted skirt) or suck it up and take the 5 minutes to fix it.  It looks really great with this huge yellow and pink "statement necklace" I found thrifting a couple of years ago but never had anything to wear with.  I've worn this several times already. Yay!