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It's one thing to lounge around at home in the special new outfit that mama made. It's quite another thing to be forced to wear said outfit in public.

My toddler reluctantly models striped fleece pant and tunic-style top. 'Pattern' drawn freehand onto fabric, cut and sewn, unpicked and resewn, all within half an hour.
Ahhh, fleece. The most forgiving of all fabrics!

Here I am

Hi...I'm Cindi and I am so excited to be here.  I am 41 and the mother of 6 and I have just become an oma (grandma) to Natalia. She is practically perfect.  I have always been a thrift store junkie and have recently taken it to the next level by deciding I can make or find anything I need without going to the mall. So i am here to say I'm gonna try the 6 month pledge and see how it goes. Go Refashionistas!

I've been taking baby steps

Now that I've hopefully sorted out my difficulty with TypePad, I should be able to post more regularly... I've started using my serger and I am delighted with it. Since I've signed up for the 4-month challenge this will come in very handy, there is yardage in my bins o' fabric that will be much easier to deal with now. I'm considering making some fun Fair clothing; I know that buried in my stash is some blue rayon velvet, and various bits and bobs of printed rayon that would be really happy to go to the Oregon Country Fair. For now, I've taken an assortment of indigo scraps and made a stripey patchwork travel vest for my Mom.

The Akita t-shirt that I made four years ago (for a different online challenge) was something I rarely wore, despite the fun graphic, Not sure what I had been thinking, I just don't like regular t-shirts; their neckline is too high and the sleeves are too short to look at all attractive IMHO. So, I hacked up another black and blue flower knit top, extended the sleeves to ¾ length, and recut the neckline and bordered it with more of the flowered knit.


Much more wearable now. My current refashion project is to turn my former denim overalls into an overall jumper. I'm thinking workwear/playclothes, with added gores and extra pockets from an old vest from my Mom, and the patchwork flounce from another worn-out denim jumper. It will be pretty funky, but if I can get another season or two of wear out of these well loved garments that will be good.


What do you think?


A couple weeks ago I went to an estate sale and found some cool things.  I couldn't believe how much STUFF was in the house.There were at least 50 garbage bags full of clothes but unfortunately I could only go through 5 or so because I was having a major sneezing attack. They had been stored in the attic for YEARS and were coated in dust. I found this vintage polyester dress and bought it for $1.50 thinking I would cut it up but once it was washed, I tried it on and it fit perfectly (and it's in mint condition). It's not something I would normally wear so I need your input on whether this is something I should keep as is and wear. Or maybe it's cute but not on me.  Your thoughts? If I should keep it as is, do these sandals work or should I wear something else and if so, what? Thanks for your input!

Until next time,

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blue polka dots top

I got this hand-me-down from a housemate cleaning her closet:


It was super unflattering (billowing in the stomach combined with a high neck is a pretty bad look for me), but I liked the puffy sleeves and the print.  I didn't want to fiddle with taking the sleeves out and reattaching them so instead of taking the shirt in from the sides (what I would normally do) I took the extra fabric out of the front and back by putting a seam about two inches out from the button-holes and two inches out from the center line down the back.  Then I just cut a new neckline which I haven't finished but seems pretty content and somewhat wearable in its raw state.  This is my "new" shirt:


There is a weird bump at the bottom of the stomach but I will either wear this tucked in to skirts (it's adorable with a higher-waisted fitted skirt) or suck it up and take the 5 minutes to fix it.  It looks really great with this huge yellow and pink "statement necklace" I found thrifting a couple of years ago but never had anything to wear with.  I've worn this several times already. Yay!

No Pictures, but a Quick and Easy Refashion

I had a baby last year and I still have the maternity clothes.  Some of them are in good enough condition to pass on to someone else, but some have stretched out tops from my previously stretched out body.  I need more summer skirts, though, so I've taken the jersey material dresses and cut off the tops of the dresses to make easy skirts with just a bit of fold-over elastic.  And the skirts look fine!  Not pretty enough to photograph, but perfectly functional and my husband thought I'd bought new clothes!  Hoorah!

comfy shorts and tote bag giveaway

I have successfully replaced my husband's comfy shorts! He's been refusing to let his old ones go because we couldn't find a new pair that fit the same and had pockets. Wardrobe Refashion has saved the day! Details and my thoughts on sewing knits without a serger on my blog.

I'm also participating in Sew, Mama, Sew's May Giveaway Day. I made this tote out of a table cloth. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the giveaway post by May 31st, midnight, US Central Time. I'm shipping internationally, so everyone is eligible!

A brooch for the waistcoat

Decided to make a transferable brooch for my waistcoat (transformed from my dress). Realised that I should have used biased strips of material to take in the sleeves of the waistcoat, but otherwise I'm happy with it.  Take a look at my blog for more pics and how I made the brooch :-)

Dress 001a  

Today I made a very profitable trip to the thrift store. I picked up a total of 13 patterns at $.29 each. Including these older patterns from the 60's - 80's and a scrubs pattern. My final discovery was these "Embracable Apron Clips". Apparently you just make you apron with a sleeve in it, then slick on of these through and voila! it just clips around your waist. No need to make a waist tie, "A must for every woman's wardrobe" and "Saves time and energy!". So I just might have to whip up an apron or two sometime soon.
Thrifted Patterns
Embracable apron clips