Looking for Input
Recycled Easter outfit! (And a confession...)

So easy I'm pretty sure this doesn't count ...

... but I figured I should blog it anyways, since I got this idea from WR awhile ago and thought I'd keep it in circulation, especially since we're heading out of boot season and into sandal season in the northern hemisphere.


See those?  Those are socks.  Stuffed socks.  And they help the boots keep their shape.  I saw something similar at Bed Bath & Beyond for 10 bucks and thought 'ha!  I can do that for free!' or nearly free, since I had to pay for the stuffing [for this, actually, but it's practically free, especially since the socks were a gift]. I'm so lazy that I didn't bother to close up the top of the socks, so this literally took me 90 seconds to finish [half spent fishing around for the polyfil].

The version I saw on WR months ago used felted sweater sleeves, and I have a pair of those here, too, which also are not sewn up on either end.  I am soooooo lazy.

The socks, however, are guaranteed for a laugh from visiting friends.  Promise.