Knit Vest from Men's Golf shirt
Men's dress shirt to Little Librarian Dress

refashion philosophy

I lost my entire weekend to hw I had to turn in Tuesday, so I took today off for refashioning.  Between 10 and 4 I made only one thing, which says something about my working speed.

I am not a good enough sewer to execute most ideas I have about refashions (a major problem is having an idea which would work with a different fabric, but trying to do it with whatever I randomly have on hand).  Thus, when I really want something to work out I try to tell myself regularly to go with the flow (to try to understand what the stuff I'm starting with wants to be, not just what I want it to be!). 

So, this refashion I had a bit of anxiety about because what I started with was a vintage dress I bought on etsy for $20 (a lot for my second-hand wallet).  I really liked the fabric print and the big sleeves, but when it arrived the quilted yoke part was pretty stiff, and it was longer than I realized. I love wearing large necklaces, especially when going for the boho-ish look, and the dress was totally incompatible with those too. Before: (notice the tentlike properties as well)


First I detached the quilted yoke which was in the front and back....mental note: back section of yoke could be the start of a breastplate for some kind of costume.  Then I cut the chest/waist tier of the dress out, reattached the sleeves to the remaining length (after taking about 2 feet out of the circumfrence), hand-rolled and gathered the seams at the neckline and back, and attached a little tie accross the back of the neck.  The tie was necessary because once the yoke left the back was very low and the sleeves kept falling off my shoulders.  Here it is on my dress form:

Maxifront  Maxiback 

By the way, my dress form is actually a lightly padded display model I bought on eBay for $80 (40 +40 for shipping) so happens I am almost identical in measurements to the standard plus-size display model.  Here is me in the project, looking cute and ready for summer:


You can see the top print best in this last picture.