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One more finished!

skirt crazy

A friend gave me this jacket that was too big for both of us but turned out to be a perfect little skirt.
From this:
to this:

Easy enough and cozy warm with a pair of wool stockings.

Then I decided to give my reversible skirt idea another try.  I'd made one a few years ago and though I love the skirt the closure was always a problem as I used a wimpy little ribbon laced through buttonholes.  This time I made loops and buttons on both sides and it works just fine.

Side one:

and a peak at side two:


I'm not sure I'm going to stick with those buttons on side two.  It's a plain linen scrap and I thought I'd add some color to with those buttons.  I've also left the hem on the linen side as a fringe. I may change this as well.  The aloha toile side has buttons as well.  They all match.

Then I found an old curtain and sewed up another one!
And the perfect buttons found in my button basket!
I think I'm through with zippers altogether.  This button and loop deal take care of the zipper and waist band and lining issue all in one go.
I think I've got enough skirts for now.