Oh my gosh... Second post in one day!
baby steps

My first post--a T-shirt blanket!

Yay, I'm so excited to be posting here at last! I took the 4 month pledge, and I have to admit that the not buying anything new part will be super easy for me, as almost all of my clothing is gifted, used or made-by-me:) The harder part will be posting consistently.

A little about me (those who don't care can skip to the project pictures, I do sometimes!): I am 27, American and live in the Dominican Republic. I love to participate in musical theatre and am currently making the costumes for 2 of the shows that I'm in!

Ok, enough about me. To the point. I must ask for patience in the case that the projects I post have already been done. I can't promise to be original!

So my husband was getting rid of a bunch of his (XL) T-shirts and some of them still had cool designs/sayings on them so I didn't want to get rid of them....And as we live in the tropics I've been needing a light-weight blanket for night time--sheets aren't quite enough sometimes, and normal blankets are too hot. So here is my first attempt at a blanket made of old T-shirts.

Here are the shirts

T shirts 

I cut out the front of one, making sure to get the whole logo, and then used that as a pattern to cut squares out of the other ones.

T shirt blanket in process  Then I simply sewed all of them together to make a kind of quilt. Here is my hubby enjoying it:)

T shirt blanket finished