At last! Something for *me*
1950s dress from a gorgeous soft bedsheet

Looking ahead to winter

With the cool setting in at night now, I'm starting to think about winter wardrobes.  I have had 3 successes today out of the one jumper.  Here's what I started with:
I then cut off the sleeves and the turtleneck.  It was at this point that my dear daughter added her own input.
And I agreed a beanie was a great idea, so I added a running stitch around the top and gathered it together.  And here's the finished product, (without the model who didn't want to participate!)
Next I had the sleeves to work with:
Which were the perfect length for pants for someone with little legs.  So I slit the seam about halfway down each sleeve.  And then stitched the slit sections together to form the crotch of the pants.  Added some elastic around the waist.  And here you have the finished pants.
So finally I was left with the bodice of the jumper.  I was thinking it could be a cool little mini skirt for me to wear with tights, but I decided against it and made a jumper dress for little miss instead.