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Doing some destructive refashioning

Dress Shirt Refashioned

I found an old dress shirt that had seen better days. It was far too dingy at this point to be useful as a dress shirt so I decided it needed dying. But I figured once dyed the cut would be too formal so it also need some refashioning. So here it is before:


And after:


I made four major changes:

1. Dyed it with Dylon Ocean Blue. It came out a little bit streaky but that was probably my fault and I can live with it.

2. Seam ripped the collar and got rid of the pointy part so I was left with a nice little stand up collar, much more subtle.

3. Chopped off the sleeves and gathered the excess material with one big tuck into a new band.

4. Eliminated some of the boxiness by adding two ties on either side. You can't see them in this pic but they are super long so they can be tied in back or wrapped back around the front and tied at either my waist or as an empire waist.

Although this ended up taking longer than I expected I'm happy I salvaged this shirt because I think it will be very useful once again. There are a few more pics on my blog.