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New pants from Daddy's favourites

One of my favourite recent refashion was a pair of much-loved shorts of my husband's into long pants for my son. After ten years, these much-loved, much-repaired shorts finally died:
Out of the dust, I created these pants for my son, using a pair of his pants as a pattern. It was a very easy refashion, except that I managed to make the waist too narrow, and had to add a crotch gusset. I don't mind the look of that in the end, as it works well.
My favourite bit of these shorts in the features that have been kept from the original shorts. The cuff is worn, the badge is still there. I used the back pocket to reinforce the knee (the fabric is really soft and fragile in places). The front pockets are in the anatomically correct space, although they are sewed up. And there is a nice contrast between the faded and unfaded portions of the old shorts. More photos on my blog, Finished Objects.

A tote of flowers

I finished this pillowcase tote last week. It was fun enough to make. I didn't really follow instructions, but just created it from memory based on a picture I had seen. I used the folded over edge on the inside to make various sized pockets for pens and phones. It is a fun tote and will sit in my car. Something about the way the shoulder strap sits prevents it from becoming a favourite. I will probably not make this again, but I enjoyed the process.
Pillowcase Tote.jpg
(More stuff at my blog, Finished Objects)


Hello All!

Unfortunately I was out of town for the past four days, and now I'm behind in my sewing. (Boo...) There was far too much time spent in a car with nothing to do, so at least I've got the itch to get going. There are a lot of projects on deck, so I'll be sure to keep posting.

I was inspired by a post over at Cathy of California and wrote up a post of my own over at my blog (Gnome-n-cla-ture) about the vintage Necchi sewing machine that I inherited from my grandpa. If you're interested, stop on by and check it out!

Happy Sewing!

Hello, outfit

We love Hello Kitty so I freezer paper stenciled kitty with her red bow onto Boo's black tee. I found the image here and reduced it by 50%. I saw a HK tee at H&M and they wanted $15.  Whatever, I knew I could do it for pennies so I did it on a tee purchased last year on clearance at Target for $2.  It's quite satisfying when I can recreate something I saw at a store for way less $$.  As I was stenciling I thought it would look great with a plaid skirt and just happened to have some fabric I could use. The ruffle of the skirt could've been cut to match the top half better but considering it was my first attempt at matching plaids, I'm giving myself a break. :) I attached navy bloomers to the skirt so Boo would only have to worry about 2 layers (underwear and skirt) of bottoms instead of 3 (underwear, bloomers, and skirt). The poofiness of the bloomers kind of interfere with the fall of the skirt so next time I'm either making them like underwear or shorts. By the way, how cute would this outfit be with red Dr. Martens boots? Fun to imagine but probably not a good idea at this age. They're so clunky I fear they are a tripping hazard.  Anyway, I estimate the total I spent on the tee and skirt around $3.50. Nice. 








Until next time,

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I'm still here!

I HAVE been doing things... like drafting patterns and putting on plays...

I havn't bought anything new this term.  Not even tights.  I am working through refashions that have backlogged and on a scarf.  I just don't have anything really finished!

Progress report is on my blog and it has pictures... All of these WIP would make this an extrordinarily long post.  Nothing is really getting finished because everything is waiting on something particular.

Doing some destructive refashioning

I haven't posted for a little while, but I am still working my way through my wardrobe and waiting for some photos. Last night I spent the evening ripping the boyfriend jumper I knitted for my now-husband. For some reason I hadn't noticed he never wears anything heavier than a long-sleeved t-shirt. So he has worn it once in 14 years. So last night, I finally gritted my teeth and ripped it. Now what can I do with a lot of nice tweedy wool?

Dress Shirt Refashioned

I found an old dress shirt that had seen better days. It was far too dingy at this point to be useful as a dress shirt so I decided it needed dying. But I figured once dyed the cut would be too formal so it also need some refashioning. So here it is before:


And after:


I made four major changes:

1. Dyed it with Dylon Ocean Blue. It came out a little bit streaky but that was probably my fault and I can live with it.

2. Seam ripped the collar and got rid of the pointy part so I was left with a nice little stand up collar, much more subtle.

3. Chopped off the sleeves and gathered the excess material with one big tuck into a new band.

4. Eliminated some of the boxiness by adding two ties on either side. You can't see them in this pic but they are super long so they can be tied in back or wrapped back around the front and tied at either my waist or as an empire waist.

Although this ended up taking longer than I expected I'm happy I salvaged this shirt because I think it will be very useful once again. There are a few more pics on my blog.


New Socks & Small Changes Make A Huge Difference...

There are two things that I wasn't sure I would be able to handle with the Wardrobe Refashion Challenge: socks and underwear.

Despite having a seamstress for a mother who made a lot of my clothes growing up, those are the two things that I have always bought new from a big box store. I thought about stocking up on socks and underwear before the challenge, but I thought maybe that was cheating a little.

I have discovered on etsy that there is a ton of handmade underwear available. While much of it is a little too frilly and exciting for every day wear, there's plenty that just look comfortable and not too expensive.

As for socks, that was a little harder. So I thought, I'll tackle that first and then everything else will be easy. But... I don't knit. And I'm not interested in knitting. My mom is going to knit a pair of socks next. But I'm not holding my breath that they're for me or that I'll see them anytime this year, so I'd better figure it out on my own.

I remember seeing a pair of socks made from stretchy knit fabric on etsy, though now I can't seem to find them. So when I sat staring at my piles of fabric I started pulling out the stretchy-est fabrics I have. Here are my first two inventions.

I think it might need a little more tweaking in order to get excellent knee-high socks (my favorites), but these are both comfortable and cute.

Karen's Monsters

Small changes make a huge difference...

the band of dark fabric at the bottom seemed too wide, and strapless bandeau-type tops aren't the most flattering on me. so i figured out a way to solve both problems in one fell swoop.

Read more and the How-To on the NewNew Blog!

- cakehouse