Anyone Know? Two Questions

Booty Bag - Finished

My Booty Bag is finished! 


The only thing I don't like about it is I used the blue interior fabric to 'hook' the handles onto the purse. Wish I had some red / white. But - oh well!

The bag was fun to make.

Some lessons were learned in the making of this bag - which is always good. I love to learn from my own mistakes. I should have taken out the bottom hem - would have helped me not break two different needles from the bulk / speed of sewing around the bottom corners of the bag. 

Overall, a fun, cheap project!  You can read about my rant on JoAnn fabrics on my blog - just click on my name below & the link will take you there. I won't bore y'all with it here.

Have a great Valentine's Day!  Beth