First true sewing refashion?
Another altered purse, and a powdered wig?!?

The week in review

I'm supposed to be sewing today but I left the ironing board in the room with the sleeping baby and I can only get so far without my iron :(  So, instead I took pictures of last week's work and am posting about sewing.  At least I can keep sewing on the brain.


The hat is for my son who has quite emphatically told me he no longer wants to wear his "itchy hat." It's crocheted with cotton yarn from the scrap pile plus a little extra.  Soon to come: mittens and scarf.

The bag (below) is my new knitting bag from a skinny scrap. I'm really digging the size and depth as a hand bag but I think it might need to be bigger for toting around any project bigger than a scarf.  More at the blog.