Can this shirt be salvaged?
Adjustment to my vow

Bags are an easy start!

Thanks for all the positive comments re: my last post about being new and a non-sewer!  All really helpful, so a BIG thank you!

I've had a very productive weekend so far, and decided to practice (learn!) some basic sewing skills by making-up bags from my old maternity tops!

I'm actually quite happy with the results:


I managed to keep actual sewing to a minimum with this first bag (Friday night!) as I added extra bottom and attached the handle by using single crochet.  I'd already crocheted the flower whilst waiting for my son's tap lesson to finish.  It's like a glam string bag!


 Had to do some proper sewing with the second bag (Saturday night!) - I survived!  This might be a school shoe bag for my eldest son  - if it gets a good reaction (otherwise I may keep it!).  Resorted to glueing the eyes and mouth on though!

On a roll by now, I thought I would have a go at turning sleeves into trousers for my baby boy (inspired by a post I read here earlier in the week).  Happy with them as a first attempt but maybe need to think about leaving more material for the waistband next time!


Phew, my arms are hurting now!