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Thrifty and Warm

All Stripies

Studies keep me from my sewing; however, I needed to clear my head so I went to the thrift store. I found this gorgeous wool sweater/shirt with very thin, multi-colored stripes, as well as a nice pair of Banana Republic dark brown corduroys. My cowboy boots are great in the snow, too. Oh well, time for coffee and more studying...

Once a curtain, now a hot 60s dress

I bought a great 1 1/2 metre curtain from an Adelaide Op Shop last year, and unstitched the edges carefully to make this gorgeous 1960s jiffy dress. It's a really easy pattern, with lovely darts around the bust and waist areas. And I was so happy with how the branch pattern on the fabric makes it way up the front of the dress:


The fabric is really quite light and hangs lovely (no wonder they were curtains) but unfortunately I sewed it all up (including fabulously overlocked edges and seams) without trying it on til the end... and it's TOO SMALL FOR ME! And I'm a total pipsqueak! I'll have to find someone littler around the hips and someone who likes short skirts like me!

The lesson learnt? Measure, try on DURING the assembly process and perhaps straight stitch, try on and lastly overlock. Phew!

If you'd like to see more, please drop by my Crafty Adventures and say hi!

Notebook Case

I recently realized I was in desperate need of a case to protect a little notebook. I certainly didn't feel like paying for one and I didn't particularly feel like paying for any materials either. I was fairly impressed with my improvisational skills because I was able to find suitable material for this and wing it in a couple of hours.


For the material I used some scraps from an old pair of jeans. I sewed two pouches and then sewed the tops together and flipped them inside out to avoid having any unfinished edges. I also sewed in a little tab to which I added a snap closure.

For more detailed (although not necessarily clearer) directions and for the dorky reason I needed a notebook cover in the first place check out the blog.


Little bit of this and that

I've been working on new garments so far this year and working away at my stash. Let's just say I have a lot to work with.

1940sLaceTopCollar My first knitting project of 2009 has been this modification of a vintage knitting pattern downloaded from Vintage Purls in New Zealand.The main modification was the selection of lace pattern. I went with a slightly rippled 'fir cone' that did justice to the nubbly texture of the wool silk mix. I changed the shaping a little which meant that I still have the hour glass look of the original without extreme shaping.

OrangeSkirtDetail I sewed this long skirt with a heavyweight cotton from Ikea and a piece of vintage barkcloth. It's a very straightforward piece so I think next time I'll be more adventurous in using small pieces of fabric in a larger garment.

Once I've finished my latest sewing project, a 1940s housedress, I'm going to jump in and do some real refashioning. I've been picking out some great pillowcases in op shops and they're just right for summer tops.

Carmen Miranda

Our neighborhood group (ASG) met Tuesday to make rag purses. We each took 204 four-inch squares and pieces for backing, pockets, straps and a top border to the meeting. Several of the ladies had coordinated scraps, but I wanted to use up as many of my otherwise unusable remnants so my purse was pretty wild. As I was putting it together, the leader commented that it reminded her of Carmen Miranda. So when I finished it yesterday at home, I posed it as you see--very fun!


Trying to catch up (again)

I've been working on several refashioning projects, but haven't had the time and/or focus to complete anything that I can post a picture of:

  • Once favorite (but now too long and too baggy) heavy cotton knit two piece dress that's being turned into into a cardigan jacket and high-waisted skirt -- about half-way done. I've been indecisive about whether to change the sleeves or not and there's a problem in the back I'm not sure how to fix, but I'm determined to get this done over the weekend.
  • Two pairs of fleece socks bought somewhere, sometime that are too tight to make it over my arches are set to be turned into arm-warmers/gauntlets -- but need other color thread on the sewing machine and serger, and I'm not letting myself re-thread until the @#$% jacket and skirt is done.
  • Some what refashion of brown mohair shawl -- yarn was wrong for lace, so I frogged it and went with a much simpler design. Knitted, but needs to be blocked -- another project for the weekend

My biggest refashion hasn't been wardrobe at all, though it is related: Moving the computer and office stuff to another room, so that I now have the entire spare bedroom room committed to sewing, knitting, crafting.  Last weekend was the final step:  building shelves into the double closet and bringing out all of the fabric stash from boxes and other hiding places, folding, organizing.  It was both inspiring and embarassing -- I knew I had a lot, but seeing it all together was unnerving. 

Steampunk Costume in the Works

Here's something new I've been working on for a big party on the 14th...

I found the "dress" at a thrift store on Sunday (Circle Thrift, for those of you local to Philadelphia, PA).  It's a dressing gown, and I'm sure someone's grandmother has worn it.  But the fabric is incredibly soft and rich, and I just couldn't pass up that collar. 
It also has POCKETS... which is great, so I don't have to add those in.  The skirt bit comes down to about mid-calf, so I'm thinking I'll do some ruching at the front and back to pull it up above the underskirt.
I may also add some old lace to the hem, or possibly to the underskirt.

The corset is something I already had,  and I'm going to be adding white m-o-p buttons to it (temporarily).

I made the tulle underskirt for a different costume... although that might get re-vamped too.

I'll be making goggles and victorian archaic jewelry, and possibly a black leather thigh "holster" for my cell phone and cash.

Feel free to check my blog for more updates in the next week or two! 

Scrappy flapper

Hi, I am back of holidays and today I had the chance to sew all day! Yipeee, I missed sewing when I was away but I think my posture might be better :)

Ok, I got this really cute skirt from my Mum and although I loved it, it did not love me, too much material around my hips. So when looking through my stash I found some heavy stretch jersey that was just the right colour to match the skirt.20dress_13 I thought about it and this is what came out of my mind...

I am short waisted and so suit empire-line or dropped waists... I have tonnes of empire-line and no dropped waists so I thought I would make one.

The skirt had some really cute covered buttons on an existing placket so i keep that as it was, I thought it could go onto the top part of the dress. the skirt was a drawstring waist so I pulled out the cord with the pretty flowers on the end and then unpicked the waist band and put that aside too.

20dress_12 I then went about making the bodice of the dress from the jersey from my sloper. I had to follow some instructions to turn my bodice into a dart-less bodice for knit. For my first attempt i was quite pleased.

The neck line was high so I lowered it as I knew i wanted to make that placket into a bib and use the waistband to cover the raw edge on the neck.

20dress_10 20dress_09


I was lucky as the skirt was gored so i left a panel on each side of the placket, interfaced it and then placed it on the neck edge to shape. I then binded it on the neckline by sewing on the rest of the old waist band.

The top was finished (well apart from hemming the sleeves)

20dress_05 For the skirt I used the very last pieces of my stash material to make a hip band to attach the skirt to.



The skirt part of the dress was finished! 20dress_06

I then attached the skirt to the top and I now have a drop waisted dress. I also still have enough material from the skirt to make a top, which I am going to do asap xx


20dress_03 20dress_02

Correcting a refashion and two trials.


I managed to fix a refashion goof-up:
It was bugging me for a while, but I'm glad I got it done.

I've also been trying to make my kids some more clothes for the upcoming seasons. I'm not used to making kids clothes with sewing patterns, but I thought I'd give it a try with some fabric that I don't care much for. Actually, I don't even know why I have these fabric around, but they are good enough for pattern trials. Although they were both trials, my kids like them enough for me to keep.

Pants and Top:
Turns out I kind of like this one. The pattern's easy to follow, and after I embellished the outfit, it turned out cute. A little bit old-fashioned and kinda pajama-like, but I like it.

Photobucket Photobucket
I also attempted this dress. I'm not too fond of this dress. I don't know, what do you think? It was much too fussy for me to work with and the end result was so-so. There are much easier patterns out there for better results.
Photobucket Photobucket

Anyway, that's all for now!