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WIP and room for improvement


I've been quiet on here lately, but not too un-busy!

Img_0036 I actually finished this tank top last Friday night, but had no chance to take pictures until today. It's using BurdaStyle's Sadie pattern and some organic bamboo jersey leftover from a shirt I made last fall. I absolutely love this top-- it fits perfectly with no adjustment, and the bamboo is so soft that it feels like I'm not wearing anything! But more stylishly. ;-) I really wish I could get more of this fabric, but it was at a going-out-of-buisness sale, and Joann's doesn't carry it. Guess I'll have to start searching the internet. Sigh...


And this is what I've been up to today. One of my best friends recently got married, and while she was packing up her stuff to move to her new apartment, she gave me a wall-hanging tapestry with a Beatles screenprint on it (we're both fans, despite being born about 3 decades too late to live the Beatlemania!). Her reasoning was she figured I'd be able to come up with something cool to do with it. And I figured something out, so this tie-dyed mess is the extra fabric for that. No final pictures yet, since it's currently in the washer to set the dye. I also dyed a skirt that I didn't like the color of, but no pictures of that either...had some complications with scraping off the paint on the border, which was peeling off anyway, and ended up putting a hole in it! So now my refashion just got a bit more complicated.

I also started sewing together a blouse last night, and got some fabric to test out a jacket pattern that I'm hoping to make soon.  As always, thanks for looking!