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Blue smock refashion

What is the one type of clothing you use everyday?

I did the greatest refashion ever! I took a stretchy shirt (too stretchy, if you know what I mean) and turned it into underwear! It is so cool that now I'm looking at all my stretchy clothes and wondering if they would make good underwear. I'm going to try with t-shirts next.


It was relatively easy to do. I took a pair of mine that I liked how they fit. I made a pattern on tissue paper. Then I cut the shirt following the pattern, sewed it, added elastic in the waist and the leg holes and added a flower to make it pretty . It is very comfortable. In the waist I used 1/4" elastic and in the legs I used 1/8" elastic.  I may do a tutorial one of these days in my blog but I have too many things coming up so I don''t know if I'll ever get to it. Again, if you are wandering what the big U in the photo is, go to my blog.