How to...shorten sleeves
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Loose and flowy

I am inordinately and unreasonably obsessed with this Japanese website. Scroll down the "Pickups" - there are many pages of them. (Hmm... site seems to be down... but there are some pictures of their clothes in this post from abbytryagain.) The aesthetic of loose, piled on layers really appeals to me, even though it really seems as though the weather would be have to be set on 70 permanently for this style. In any case, I think these clothes are permeating my mind because I have just reconned these:

Lavender tank recon

This used to be a pretty boobtastic belly shirt, shirred under the bust, and way too revealing. But the material is the softest jersey of this lovely lavender color, so I couldn't let it go. Instead, I used the drawstring casing that used to be the shirring to add length to the straps. I put the serged inside on the outside on purpose, to add some detail.

White smock

This is made from a men's button-down shirt and two men's tees. I totally love it, even though it shows multiple signs of being handmade. Can't wait for it to warm up a little bit around here. Cheers, Anna at forty-two roads.