So little time

Time to settle down

Hi from Kate,

I've had too many sewing/refashioning irons in the fire, and finally had to settle down and finish and photograph a few, since I've gone too long since posting.

Refashioned_bellydance_top I'm pleased with a cropped bellydance top I made from a regular-length Goodwill top. I cut the length and made a casing for 1" elastic. Then, I undid the sleeve's inner seam up to the elbow (I also removed the sleeve hem stitching). I then finished the new raw edges with a hand-stitched rolled hem. Easy, especially since the top was already V-neck, which saved me that step.

Refashioned_hip_skirt My first completed project out of a big brushed cotton long-sleeve Old Navy T-shirt that my husband no longer wanted was a little hip skirt to wear over yoga pants for bellydance class. I created double casings on each side, and inserted strips of fabric to create adjustable ruching, much like the sides of the pink T-shirt I posted about previously.

Alice_olivia_pants I have a few more completed items that I plan to photograph this weekend. I hope to also finish and photograph the Alice + Olivia pants (Vogue 2907) that I've been plugging away at for a while. They're made of dark red moleskin, and still need waistband closures, hemming and pressing.

Next up: A sewing battle. Should I turn my attentions to cute spring skirts, bellydance costumes or new yoga pants? Stay tuned...