Back in Black
lousy winter = lots of sewing

Not exciting but a refashion....

SkirtThis little project has been hanging around way too long, so decided to just finish it last night and get it over and done with.  Here it is...

I bought a pair of juicy couture track pants from US ebay early last  year.  I was expecting to receive the same style as what can be bought here in Myers/David Jones BUT they were very wide legged and totally unflattering. However, I liked the fabric and color (an olivey deep green) and they were in perfect  "as new" condition, as well as being ultra cheap.

I decided to refashion them into a little skirt to wear at the beach, around the house and garden on these hot days. I pulled them apart and cut 8 gores - 4 from each leg. Stitched them together and re-attached the waistband. Voila.  Sorry, no "before" photos for this one.