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A tale of two skirts...

I guess Marg down below beat me to the sweater refashion of the weekend. :)  I found this awesome blue/gray/purple "Cosby" sweater at the goodwill.  It's now a miniskirt.  I got the inspiration from  "Second Time Cool: the art of chopping up a sweater". 
This second skirt was previous the legs of 3 pairs of corduroy pants.  I had hoped to get a brighter selection of color, but when you wait for the cords to be $.99, all that's left is brown, I guess...  This was my first experience with a invisible zipper - and it's not a great result.  I guess they aren't kidding when they say it requires an invisible zipper foot....and I guess I'll be buying one tomorrow to try, try again... :)  In the meantime, my not-so-invisible zippered pencil skirt will be accompanied me to work tomorrow...


Have a good week, all... :)