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Time to settle down

Hi from Kate,

I've had too many sewing/refashioning irons in the fire, and finally had to settle down and finish and photograph a few, since I've gone too long since posting.

Refashioned_bellydance_top I'm pleased with a cropped bellydance top I made from a regular-length Goodwill top. I cut the length and made a casing for 1" elastic. Then, I undid the sleeve's inner seam up to the elbow (I also removed the sleeve hem stitching). I then finished the new raw edges with a hand-stitched rolled hem. Easy, especially since the top was already V-neck, which saved me that step.

Refashioned_hip_skirt My first completed project out of a big brushed cotton long-sleeve Old Navy T-shirt that my husband no longer wanted was a little hip skirt to wear over yoga pants for bellydance class. I created double casings on each side, and inserted strips of fabric to create adjustable ruching, much like the sides of the pink T-shirt I posted about previously.

Alice_olivia_pants I have a few more completed items that I plan to photograph this weekend. I hope to also finish and photograph the Alice + Olivia pants (Vogue 2907) that I've been plugging away at for a while. They're made of dark red moleskin, and still need waistband closures, hemming and pressing.

Next up: A sewing battle. Should I turn my attentions to cute spring skirts, bellydance costumes or new yoga pants? Stay tuned...

So little time

I haven't been slacking at refashioning, just posting!  :)  That, and I keep losing the camera...  I'm working on a bunch of stuff - pants, tops, dresses.  I made a cute little t-shirt this weekend from one of the McCall Hillary Duff patterns, but it's still in the laundry (wore it to my husband's concert and now it's icky-smoky).  Here are the two items I did manage to snap a photo of:
This was one of those shawl thingies before, but I thought it would make a cool asymmetrical-hemmed skirt, so I added a elastic waistband.
After, with a cute H&M jacket I found at the Goodwill:
The funny thing is that I was hunting the $.99 items that day at the GW, and this jacket was $6.99.  I almost didn't' get it 'cause it was so much!  Then I thought, hey, it's in perfect condition, and if I was buying it new, it would cost like $100, so what am I complaining about!  I've become cheap! :)
These sweats have been in my possession for 10 years, and I finaly wore the waist out of them - I went to tie the drawstring and it fell out because the fabric at the top of the waistband was gone.  Since I always roll the waist down anyway, I just chopped it off, folded them over, and put in new elastic.  Then I thought I'd crop them so I could be one of the "cute girls" at the gym.  Voila!  New cropped sweats.
Hopefully I'll get my act together and document the rest of my projects.  I'm learning to knit - I'm just doing a simple, rather sloppy scarf to start, but I have high hopes.  And I took a serger class last week, so I can do the rolled hems and picot edging like a big girl.  Woo-hoo!  :)  (Can you tell I'm exhausted?  I'm getting silly).  Good night, y'all...

Quick rebeading

My mister's aunt and uncle held their Christmas present for me until their January trip to India. Score one this girl; they came home with a box of all kinds of fantastic colored chunky stuff.

This glass necklace bugged me, though, because the gold spacer beads were already beginning to chip and look shabby. 

I'm too busy with work right now to be doing a lot of sewing, but I could find 20 minutes to fix this. I lost a few inches in length, but I think the restringing was a worthwhile effort, since now I want to wear this string all the time.

Pictures of the rest of my new treasures on fitzfabulous.

Vest in planning stage

Img188Haven't had a chance to do much sewing lately, but I've been thinking about the possible ways to use up my stash of fabric scraps, one of my goals for this year.  Mostly I'm using them for quilt projects, but then I got to thinking that they could make a good vest.  I'm thinking about piecing 1 1/2 to 2 inch squares in a diagonal pattern and then cutting the pattern pieces out what I've pieced.  I'm trying to decide whether in the same color family for a tone on tone look, or whether to throw in some contrasting colors for more spark.  Oh the decisions to make....

Call for Melbourne Refashionistas!!

Do you live in Melbourne?  Are you a Refashionista?  If so maybe you'd like to be involved in the Stitches and Craft Show along side Living Creatively?
They are organising a refashioned fashion parade and are looking for people to be involved and promote refashioning.  You will need to come up with a refashioned outfit that you yourself with model on the catwalk with an image of the outfit before you worked your magic on it.  They are also looking to have people there to answer questions and talk about refashioning in general.

When- 12th to the 16th of March, 10am-5pm
Location- Caulfield Racecourse, Station St, Caulfield VIC 3145
Free admission if you take part

If you would like to be involved please email me at and i will pass on your details to the Living Creatively girls.  I'm hoping to be there myself but since baby is due that week it's a possibility that i may not be able to make it, it would be great to have some fellow Refashionistas there to promote refashioning and the Wardrobe Refashion blog.

Clever Quilts

Last week, I blogged about starting my first quilt. After reading through and watching a few online quilting tutorials, I broke out the Brother and started stitching with a handful of scraps. The green and white calico is an old bedsheet; the mod dots are leftovers from a commissioned curtain-making project.

This is what I've got thus far, simple, but a statement:


And, for those other Wardrobe Refashioners working on quilts (I'm sure you're out there), check out these ga-ga designs from Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, which I ran across at Apartment Therapy:


Seen any other cool quilts lately?

"Carolina Springtime"

Swspink9 OK, so it's not anywhere near Spring yet!

We've got a winter storm advisory for tomorrow but the daffodils are bravely bobbing in the wind, there are buds on the trees and I've seen birds shopping for houses so Spring is just around the block, if not the corner.

Spring is North Carolina is usually spectacular, due in great part to the dogwoods and azaleas that grace much of the region. With the drought still classified somewhere in the vicinity of "extreme", we might not get much of a Spring because the lack of rain has dealt a serious blow to the azaleas - at least in my part of the state.

Still, in tribute to the promise of Spring, I've been working on this interpretation of a vintage design that appeared in Make It With Mademoiselle (1977). Vintage pattern/New yarn.

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