adjusting shoulders/armholes - advice needed
Off-kilter twin set from the stash

Sewing too much, Blogging too little

I have kept the pledge.  I have just been really bad about posting the stuff that I have made.  Since I last checked in (late June),  I've been doing some restoration/duplication of clothing for a massage therapist.  It's hard for her to find clothes so she has been giving me things to copy and recreate.

In between the alterations, restorations, and reproductions, I did get in a few refashions and a 2 new dresses.  You can check out the photos on my flickr site.  I promise not to stay away so long next time.

Now that the weather is becoming more agreeable it is time to shift from skirts to more jeans and jackets.


PS. I realized that it has been about 2 years since I bought new clothing.  Frugality?  Umm, no, I think it is called laziness :)