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Wedding Hat

Off-kilter twin set from the stash


While communing with my stash one day, I noticed that there was a black cotton tape yarn with a greenish cast near a piece of green rayon with a black cast.  A marriage made in heaven (or my stash closet).

Gina suggested an exercise from Dan Ho's book, Rescue from Domestic Perfection: The Not-So Secrets of Balancing Life and Style.  For ten days, do not put the clothes that you wear away.  Wash them and put them aside in a box so you can see how little of your wardrobe you actually wear.  This is supposed to make you chuck out clothes that you don't wear.  I can't bear to cull my collection any further.  So I made sure to rotate more clothes than usual.

I went to San Francisco for the long weekend and did not buy any new or used clothes.  I did do some major shopping at Artfibers, Thai Silks and Black Oak Books.  Slideshow and store links here.  The black tape yarn above is actually a  second from Artfibers (Papyrus, a discontinued yarn).  The yarn did not take to the dye evenly.  I prefer the look anyway.