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New Refashionista on Board

Hello, everyone!

When I saw this challenge about a month ago, I knew I wanted to join. In the past, I have flirted with shopaholic tendencies (okay, so I did more than flirt, really; I used to spend loads of money I couldn't afford on clothing that I just didn't need). I've managed to kick this habit over the past few years, but I can still get sucked in to making foolish purchases when I'm not paying attention. Not anymore, now that I'm a refashionista. :) I haven't bought anything since I first found out about this challenge almost a month ago, so I feel like I'm off to a good start.

I do sew, and have made quite a few items of clothing for myself in the past, but right now, I'm not in a position to do loads of this. (I'm living in Pennsylvania at the moment, but my good sewing machine is in California). I did pick up a little Euro-pro Shark, though, so I'll be able to do a bit of remodeling. I think my first project is a tapestry handbag; I bought a kit for it ages ago but haven't taken the time to put it together. I think my little machine will handle it. I also crochet, so there will probably be some new yarn projects in my future.

I've already had to take a stand on something in regards to this challenge. Yesterday, I got an invitation for the first "Ladies' Night Out" at my son's school. This is supposed to be a chance for the moms to get together and socialize outside of PTA meetings, etc. Well, the event is being held at a local clothing boutique (one I've not been to before, but it sounds VERY expensive) and the idea is that 10% of all purchases get donated to the school. HUH? I don't want to be conned into spending WAY too much money on clothes on what is supposed to be a fun social night. So, I'm not going to the event, and I also intend to bring up the subject at the next PTA meeting. After I brainstorm a bit to suggest some alternate activities for future "Ladies' Nights Out."

Anyhow, I'm glad to be here, and look forward to seeing everyone's projects, and posting about my own.

Thanks, Nikki, for hosting this great challenge! :)

Newbie Here Too!

Hiya everyone! I've just accepted an invite from Nikki to join the Wardrobe Refashionistas for two months and I'm really excited to be here.

I've been cutting down on the quantity of  clothes bought since September 1st so I already have a month under my belt, and I already have clothes in my work/craft room that need mending in some way. I was only bemoaning on my blog yesterday that whilst it's fine to buy cheap clothes from the supermarket, these clothes don't seem to last very long at all!

I'm looking forward to the next two months as I refashion and knit-and-sew my way  towards December.


Hi all, my name' s Ruth. I have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia from Perth (there for 7yrs), with my Husband and 4 year old son. Melbourne is really home for us, so it is nice to be back with family and friends.
I came across the WR blog a while back and have been reading it since - very motivating.
That is why I thought I would sign up for 4 months and hopefully get motivated to do some of the sewing for myself that I have on the back burner. I seem to manage sewing for others and gifts but not myself these days.
Also I am very interested in the idea of refashioning garments for other uses.  It can be a challenge to work out what you could do with something...definitely stretches your creativity muscles!
Thanks to all those who have been involved so far - great inspiration. To all the other newbies - lets get creative!

Invites sent out

I have sent out invites for all those that have emailed me.  If you are resigning there is no need for another invite, just carry on as you are.
If you emailed me and have not received an invite please email me again to let me know and i'll send one out.

Thanks :)


I've been working fulltime with costumes the past two weeks (not good for schoolwork), and the premiere was on Tuesday. The show that was put on was HONK! a musical about the ugly duckling. That means a 100+ poultry for some 100+ actors! It looked great on stage.

I also got to pick out some fabric from the leftover pile (yey!), and this is what it looks like safely in my closet:


Wow, guess which colors I like? Haha! There is some silks and some velvet-fabrics in there that are just beautiful (the green/yellow ones), and there is a really high quality pinstripe fabric that there is enough of to make an actual garment out of! The top fabric to the left there is also quite a bit of, it's actually a curtain and therefore quite thick. I'm not sure yet if I'm really into it, and I don't know yet what I might make of it.

Anyways, free fabric is always fabulous!

Whining about my dress

M5317 Dress_mirror

The fabric store accepted my return of the awful fish-print fabric, and I bought some purple fabric to replace it (and at a much better price).  I started this dress last Friday night and was able to finish it last night - impressive for me, considering I'm only home about an hour a day anymore.  So I finish the last seam, go to try it on...and it doesn't fit!!!  Well, it does fit, but not comfortably.  It seems that the fabric that was suggested to me for lining is just not stretchy enough, so the waistband doesn't have any give.  I'm pretty bummed - I was planning on wearing it tomorrow night to an event.  I still might wear it - I can get it on easy enough; the main issue is removal of the dress- that took about 10 minutes of major contortion and screaming.  If I have time tonight after dinner out with my mother-in-law and then a mad-cleaing session to prepare for our weekend house-guests, I might try to replace the lining with something stretchier.  Shouldn't be too hard, but we'll see... At least now I know better for the next attempt - I'm going to make a second version of this dress (different pattern view) for more casual occassions.

Hem and Haw

Haven't posted in an age. Can't get my act together to upload the photos. I am signing up for two more months beginning Oct 1 because I really like the effect this philosophy of living has had on me.  Can't yet get my sister to commit, despite mailing her bribes of things I've refashioned, but a girlfriend and I spent last night picking through her wardrobe and sorting it into piles. She's already my Goodwill date whenever a coupon lands in the mail.   

Fix this, eBay this, donate this, save this for one more season to see if it'll fit.

We ate spaghetti and sorted clothes and talked about where she had bought each piece, and how old she was and why she had to have it. Her early-mid 20s on hangers. So my commitment to this site is having some impact on those around me, and that's pretty rewarding. She and I now will entice another friend to join us some evening for a little Hem and Haw - button-fixing, leg-hemming, skirt fixing, etc., complete with refreshments. Anything these days to keep me out of smoky bars...

Gaelic Games a.k.a. "black feis"

This weekend I will travel to Killarney to participate in the Gaelic Games feis!

The rules are: no dresses, no stiffener, no embroidery, no glitter... Only simple black skirts and tops or simple black dresses are allowed.
So, here is my outfit :-) Of course, I'll be wearing some tights to cover my ghostly white legs... I bought the T-shirt, but I think that does not count as to me this is "sports" equipment. I shortened the hem of it, so I did do a little refashion there.
The skirt is a simple wrap with velcro made by me from scratch.

Oh, and for the people who are totally out of the loop: I'm talking about an irish dancing competition :-) I tend to forget to explain that sometimes....

Refashioned neckties and sportscoats

We're cleaning out the computer to move everything on to a new one and I found some refashions from last winter. Sorry, if I posted them here already. I can't remember, lol.


These are ties sewn together short end of one to long end of the other, then backed with cotton fabric. I added thrifted fringe to the ends.


It all started with these two matching ties.


This is just a plain rectangle lined with another rectangle with a tie sewn on as the handle.


These are handbags made from houndstooth print men's sportscoats.