A little adjustment
"Blue china" beads

Makeup bag made out of fused plastic shopping bags

I've had such a creative weekend!  Its been great to actually get TWO things done this weekend after so many weeks of doing nothing.

Anyway, one of the problems with not buying anything brand new for a year is that fabric (that I like) can be hard to come by.  I have been keeping an eye out at the Op Shops for nice fabric offcuts but haven't really found anything that grabbed me.

That's why this method of fusing plastic shopping bags really grabbed me.  I basically folded a few plastic bags into squares, arranged them on top of baking paper into a patchwork type design (I'm having a thing for patchwork atm), placed another bit of baking paper on top then ironed them together.

Then once cooled, I stitched it on the sides, added a button, cut out a button hole and TA DA!


Anyway, full details on how to fuse plastic shopping bags together are in my blog: Consumption Rebellion.