Pinafore Top

t-shirt recon from yesterday's thrift run

This is the crankiest shirt I've ever made.  It's time to admit it:  I have too much boobage and I need help.  Oh well, at least I improved upon the shirt.  Here is the "before":

And the "after":

The pattern was an old Stretch & Sew (#313 - "Fitted T-Shirt With Body Suit Option", tee hee - think I'll skip the body suit eh?) that I got for 39 cents at the Salvation Army.  Old Stretch & Sew patterns are a good find.  The SA has about twenty more.  I may go pick up a few.

I used my favorite method in applying the neck binding:
No fancy serger needed (although I did use one for the structural seams) - I use my old 1950 Singer for most of my t-shirt sewing.

Necklines can be tricky, but with practice you will do well.  If you plan to sew t-shirt recons (or use knit yardage) and are new, may I recommend the sewing lessons posted at timmel fabrics.  They are straight-forward and their self-bound neckline (shown in my v-neck above) is my favorite method so far.

I apologize for the poor photo, but perhaps you can make out the problem - the stretched out look between sleeve armhole and bust.  This is because my bust is too large for the pattern's consideration.  Some amount of adding to the sides of the pattern will work, but at some point the best option (to have a properly-fitting, not gaping, armhole and upper chest) is a full bust adjustment or darts.  Territory I've ventured into before, but not sure how my results will be.