Jeans to Skirt
Clothing for Elmo

A personal sewing first!

Hello Everyone!

Never in all my sewing have I made myself a top! Skirts and trousers aplenty, even a dress once, but never a top. This pic is me at our sewing group meeting on Saturday in it. I made it the other week from the top part of the ever-popular Built by Wendy dress pattern and some fabric I got when on holiday in Bath last month. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I'm not a very prolific poster on this site, for which I apologise. This is mainly for two reason, #1 I don't have a camera to document my projects, so have to beg and borrow, #2 I'm presently spending all my free time creating things for a market stall I will start to run from the beginning of June (Backyard, off Brick Lane, London). I really want to make a go of it and suppliment my income from my creativity and skills, so that hopefully one day soon I can get out of this horrible industry (I work in clothing production, I know, the enemy. I promise I really am trying to get out).

Thanks everyone for your inspiration, and to those who posted suggestions about my leather stiffening query.