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Second chance for Bob

I'm an hour early for the official start of my two month pledge (it's 11pm) but i just couldn't contain myself! I've been thru my kids tshirts tonight and the grotty ones are getting a makeover. I cut up an old Bob the Builder tee, made a new tshirt by coping the pattern off another tee and adding a hood, then cut and sewed the important bits. The hood lining is from the hem of the original tee and the inner lining with the tag is one of the original sleeves.

From this..


To this..



I'm yet to try it on Lachie (2), but whether it fits well or not, i'll be lucky to get it off him!!

Olivia aka littleladyluxe

Too Sexy For My Shirt

Sexy Top
Originally uploaded by Emily Klancher Merchant
I made this tank top over the past week using leftover yarn from another project, plus an additional skein that I bought when I realized that I barely had enough leftover yarn to cover my boobs! Even with the additional skein, however, the shirt still comes up a bit short. Definitely too sexy to wear to work. Unfortunately, it will cost another $11 dollars to buy yarn to make it longer. What do you guys think? Should I just wear it as it is (but not to work) or get more yarn? Or do you have any other cool refashion ideas? Thanks for your help!

Another New Girl!

Hi everyone! 

I'm Maz (although I've had to use Artfulzebra as my Typepad name) and I've taken the 2 month pledge.  :o)  I've been lurking around the blog for ages and wanting to take the pledge and now I finally have!  Although my mum is a brilliant dressmaker I don't seem to have inherited much of her skill and have trouble just sewing in a straight line so this will definitely be a challenge for me!  I love the whole ethos of refashioning and I hope this first pledge will propel me on a learning curve to making and altering as many of my clothes as possible.  Another reason for my finally taking the pledge is that I'm on a weight loss mission and have currently lost 35lbs (with plenty more to go!) and I can't afford a whole new wardrobe every time I drop a dress size!  And yet another reason is that I want to wear unique clothes instead of being a sheep following fashions dictated by others.  So there you have it!

Anyway, onto the refashioning!  This is a black t shirt that had a blob of something on the front (paint I think) that wouldn't wash out so I used a bleach technique to stencil a pattern onto the front and the sleeve ends.  It was a try out for the technique really and as it turned out to be super easy and quick I'm sure I will be giving it a go on more t shirts for a new lease of life.  ;o)


Greetings All, this is my first post to this site.

The name I will be using for this blog is Bonyta.  I'm 58 years wise and live in southern Oregon, USA.  I must say it's totally awesome that there are so many creative women on this site.  Kudos to you all!  I started my sewing adventures many years ago at the ripe age of 13 or so, thanks to my Mom for teaching me just enough to really get me hooked!  I don't really consider myself to be a professional seamstress.  Although there is very little I haven't been willing to tackle when it comes to sewing just to see if I could do it and to save moola, (of course).  I must say I'm still awed to witness the creativity of others!  I've signed up for 6 months (accidently), 'cause I couldn't remember the time options available.  Oh well that's what you get, when you've got a porous memory - it might as well be pea soup. 

I have always done as much of my sewing projects as I possibly could by an electric sewing machine, never did like sewing by hand much.  Don't have the patience for it.   I belong to a group of historical recreationists, who recreate the medieval ages - the Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA for short.  While participating within this group I've had the pleasure of creating and sewing a lot of 'garb' from various time periods, before the 1600's.  Made most of my daughters clothing as she grew up, including one of her prom dresses.    Have repurposed fur coats, reapholstered my ex-husbands worn-out D4 Cat's seat, made curtains for RV's and airplanes.  Made a cover for an above ground swimming pool out of empty feed sacks I got from our local Farmer's Co-op.  Have done some theater costuming, also made home draperies and curtains. 

But enough about my past projects, I keep getting fabric given to me by others and I've got to do something with it!  I so wish to have empty space, instead of so much stuffed into every nook and cranny!  Sheesh.  My first project will be to refashion a blouse that belongs with a skirt,  given to me by a long-time friend.  The skirt is good to go, but the blouse is way not my style.  My friend is a lot more conservative than I am, in her style of dress.  As soon as I can figure out how to post my digital picture on here, I'll post the before pictures along with the plans I have for it's refashioning.   Till then, happy repurposing to you all!

Simple Draw-string Skirt

I'm so embarrassed for not posting in so long.  Just for the record, I have not bought any new clothing, but I did buy a thrifted skirt and a couple of thrifted tops. 


That's not what this post is about.  It's about this very simple draw-string skirt that I made with no pattern.  Two rectangles tapered slighty at the waist, draw-string, pintucks and ruffled hem.  It’s made out of denim, still a little stiff, will be nice and soft after a few wears and washings.  I love this skirt!  It’s comfortable yet durable and goes with any top. 


Here is a detailed picture of the pintucks and ruffled hem.


And sewing of the pintucks.  Very easy to do.  Fold, and sew along the edge.(cross-posted at Creative Kismet)

Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm 29. I have a hubby and two little boys (2 and 4) and live in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia. I'm taking a 2 month pledge, in the hope to redirect my obsessive spending towards obsessive sewing. I have boxes and BOXES of fabric, trimmings, thread and buttons that are crying out for love and inspiration. So intermingled with some re-creations will be new creations too.

I've sewn all my life. I started off with a scrunchie market stall at 13 when scrunchies were HOT, which then made their way into local stores. I also designed and ran a sleepwear label Beaver for several years which sold thru private parties and online. My current desire is to be able to make ANYTHING and I'm on my way. Check out my blog littleladyluxe for my latest creations.

I'm inspired by all your posts and look forward to a fun couple of months! Thanks for having me Nic :)

Olivia aka littleladyluxe.

Hello From New Zealand :)

Finally! I can start on all those project ideas I've got swimming in my head from visiting this place. I just couldn't wait until the 1st of June so have already started. If you want to know what to do with a shrunken woolen jersey you can visit my blog Quirky Tribe and say hello. We are coming into winter here so no summer dresses for us! I wouldn't say I'm a sewer, can't follow a pattern but can work out how to get somewhere I want to go (If you know what I mean) and in a round about way (probably the long one) seem to get there okay. My sewing journey started with using cloth nappies  on child number one nearly 4years ago and then developed into making my own Modern Cloth Nappies (very cool have a look!).

I stumbled upon this site Googling re-fashioning and have been coming back ever since.

I suspect our two children (Max 4 and Abby 2) will be the recipients for most of my refashioning. Children look very forgiving in wonky clothes - myself on the other hand would probably look plain odd. So, will have to brave the *odd* and just *do* anyway! BUT the only problem I have so far is that most of my ideas are for our girl - ideas for boys (and my hubby) and refashioning are seriously hampered so with interest I will watch for any *boy/men* refashionista ideas.

I've picked the 4month option but hardly buy myself clothes anyway (unless thrifted or on special or super cheap) so not buying shouldn't be a problem but I was just tooooo CHICKEN to do the 6 months. Don't like failing!

look foward to being inspired!
Cheers, Tara.

Hello From Japan!

Hello there,

I'm a new comer here!  My name is Hitomi.  I'm 21 Japanese girl living in Tokyo,  JP.   I found this website and thought it's freakin' cool!  I'm really impressed to see these projects here.

Basically, I love thrift shopping,  making stuff (especially knitting).  Actually my sewing machine is now broken, but I will try to sew by my hand till it's fixed....I'll try my BEST!!!  I'm excited showing my projects and looking forward to seeing everyone's!!


Hello from Philly!

Hi, my name is Lucy.  I'm 25, newly-married (Oct. 06), and living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Currently, I'm working as a social worker with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I'm planning to attend grad school at Villanova in the fall.

I'm relatively new to the world of sewing, but I'm oh-so-eager to try new things and see what I can come up with!  Within the past month or so, I've made a few shirts and bags, and I also reupholstered a chair for my living room (will post pics eventually, promise!).  I'm an absolute shopping addict, so this may be a challenge for me to refrain from new clothes for the next two months.  But I'm feeling ambitious and I adore thrift stores, so I'm pretty excited to take this on.  I already started a few weeks ago, and so far I haven't cheated one bit.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's projects for inspiration!

Hey everyone!

My name is April, and I've been reading this blog for a while, and now that summer's here, I finally will have time to refashion myself! I'm sixteen years old and am almost done with my sophomore year in high school. I live in in upstate New York, in the capital region, near Albany.

I only took the two month pledge, mostly because I don't have time to do it for longer, as school will start up again in September. Also, I'm a shopaholic, and not buying anything for even 2 weeks is a challenge, let alone two months.

I got a pretty sewing machine for my birthday in 8th grade, and have barely touched it. I'm definitely still learning, and I have a ton of project ideas up my sleeve. I love seeing all the things people have done on this blog and the other crafting and refashioning blogs I have found.

I have boxes and boxes of old clothes and fabric in my room, waiting for me to dig in and make clothes upon clothes upon clothes! I'm so exciting for summer to finally get here! Once finals are over, I hope to have bajillions of new summer outfits.