Pink sweater vest
A couple of bags

UFOs and an original

This is my second posting.  First I am going to show you pictures of some simple UFOs I completed during the early part of my vacation.  These are not things that I created, but I thought I'd share them in case anyone needs a quick and easy gift idea.   

I learned about this project through my machine embroidery club.  These are two handbags made from a place mat and ribbon.  One the other side is a monogrammed letter and the side showing is the pretty butterflies embroidery designs I had in my stash. 


Next is an apron.  The interesting thing about this is that it folds up into a pillow.  One side is plain denim with a gorilla chef and is captioned G'rilla at work.  I intentionally kept this plain with my hubby in mind. 


The other side  is bright and colorful for me.


Lastly, here it is all folded up.  As you can see, there is another design on other side of the gorilla.  Both of these projects were brought up in my machine embroidery club meetings.  Instead of buying a premade apron, I made my own.  Afterall, I bought a sewing machine to learn to sew.  If you would like further info about these projects, just let me know.


Now here is my pride and joy.  This was originally intended to be an Ex-Boyfriend shirt inspired from the girls at Sew Subsersive during the episode on Uncommon Threads.  After I deconstructed the shirt, I wasn't digging how small it was going to be on me.  So, I held up the back side of the shirt to me and instantly I thought of an apron.  What makes this apron sew : )  special to me is the fact that I designed it on my own.  The body is the back of a man's shirt.  I used the seams from the sleeves for the necktie.  I cut along the buttonholes on the front of the shirt and used it for a strap in the back.  I hid some buttons on the sides.  I embroidered a daisy design on the pocket and added some decorative stitching around the edge.

Dscn2298  Dscn2302

While I sketched this apron, my husband was looking over my shoulder.  He was quick to noticed that I titled it Boyfriend Apron.  He promptly corrected me that it is an "Ex-Boyfriend" Apron!!  ; )


Thanks for your time in looking at all these pics.  Most of all, thank you for all your postings.  Your creativity is such an inspiration.  I can't wait to check out the new postings each day.