The Two-top Top

The Ongoing Woman/Machine War

My sewing machine, Beastie, and I are at war. Ergo, my refashions have been few and far between. Fortunately, I do have one thing to show for the week. It's not much, but it's something.

I bought this gorgeous top from a clothing exchange (I rarely ever buy my clothing new because Fort Collins has such a great selection of exchanges and thrift stores- if you're ever in town, I'll give you a tour), though it wasn't so gorgeous at the time. If you look close you'll notice that it has ribbons woven along the neckline and under the bust. When I bought it (for a couple of bucks), said ribbons were, well, bust. Worn through, torn out, discolored, icky.

Everything else was great, though, so I picked up a new spool of ribbon and my handy hand-sewing needles and got to work.

I fixified it!
I fixified it!

I think it's hot. Now if only repairing Beastie went that easily. Anyone have any ideas? The issue at hand is tension- that is to say, she doesn't have any. I can crank the tension dial all the way either direction and have no detectable effect whatsoever on the resulting stitches. I've rethreaded everything repeatedly (even going back to the manual, which was sad, since I've been sewing since childhood) and cleaned what I know how to clean (though nothing is dirty- no stray lint, nothing). No dice. Damn you, Beastie. I've got so much to sew!