Another intro...
Poncho to Wrap

A lucky find


For 2 dollars and 3 hours of time I have a skirt I really like! Yesterday I was at a thrift store looking for jeans (so I could use one of my looser fitting jeans to try out a refashioned denim skirt) and I happened to find a fabric section. I've been wanting to get some rayon fabric for a skirt for awhile so I thought it wouldn't hurt to look. And "Ta da" here was this fabric that I thought could work. I checked the price tag and it was $1.99. I thought that was strange because all the other fabric was around $7.00. So I unfolded it to check the yardage and see what was up. Well, there was a 6-7 inch hole in the middle of the piece. Maybe someone was trying to make a poncho? Anyway, the hole didn't bother me at all. My skirt pattern has 6 panels (which makes it very flattering-it's from Unique patterns, pattern 6026, not sure if it's still avaliable) and I knew I could work around the hole. I did have to dig a piece of fabric out of my scrap pile for the waist band. The elastic too was reclaimed from a former project. Another good thing about this find was that I've just recently learned that rayon is not an environmentally friendly fabric, so no more new rayon fabric for me. Oh, and I did find a pair of denim capris for 4 dollars.

Sorry for the headless shot, but I had to use the self timer on my camera and haven't figured how to get a better shot yet. And of course, it's the skirt I want to show.