Taekwon-Do T Instructions
starting out strong

Week 2 Progress Report

This week I finished up a few accessories for myself, and more clothing for my friend. It was actually a pretty productive week! I'm so glad I signed up for this challenge, because it's really pushing me to get crafty.

Completed Projects
The blouse shown above for my friend Lindsay, and a scarf for myself, blogged here. Also, a cute fabric wallet and two more skirts for my friend.

On the sewing table
A couple of aprons for gifts and swaps, plus a little purse that I've been knitting. I've also been crocheting some circles to add to bags and such, after reading about it in Adorn magazine.

Temptations and Purchases
Actually no temptations this week! I guess I managed to stay away from the clothing stores. I did buy some more elastic and trim, though.

Just wanted to add how much I'm loving this blog! Everyone has such great ideas, and I'm grateful that you're all sharing them with us!